Monday, July 6, 2009

Imagine That

A friend of mine pulled me aside during the course of yesterday. Apparently he and/or his wife found this blog this past weekend. He used to read my main blog daily and would have known about it already, but life just gets in the way of computer time sometimes. That is not the point.

The point is my friend pulled me aside and said he would be willing to listen if I needed an ear. I am so thankful for the offer and I will take him up on it at another time (yesterday just wasn't the day for such talk). It has done something else as well.

This friend is not the only friend who knows of this situation (though I'm not sure I've ever mentioned it directly, so he may have not even a gist). My roommates know it, for example, and some friends at work as well as others. This friend is the only one who offered to be an ear. It's not something I can put upon someone else, I've talked about that already, but he's willing to take it on. It sets him distinctly apart from the others.

I'm not making judgments on them. I would not be here if the situation was not genuinely difficult, and I understand that there are many people who would not want to deal with it. Maybe Monty's position would disgust them so that they could not support me supporting him. That still may happen even to my friend who has offered, and it is fine if it does. But the fact that he's willing to try in support of me is momentous. The meaningfulness of it is not unnoticed.

I'm going to talk with the pastors as well, as I had asked them, because I think they will be able to help in other ways. I'm also trying to prepare for them to turn away as well. I will not press this on anyone who does not wish it. If I explain it and they say they just can't help, that's ok. I don't think it would be a turning away of me, but a turning away of Monty by association. If it happens. It may. It may prove to be too much for the people who said they would try to help me. It is already too much for those who did not. But, the fact that someone wants to try is wonderful.

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