Thursday, December 10, 2009


Monty's new girlfriend (that would be the Kelly I mentioned before) took a survey of when the people in the group are available for calls so that she could work out a schedule for Monty to not burn up his minutes on a few of us. I was thinking of doing that, so I'm glad she did. However, I wonder where I ended up on the list, because I haven't had another call since the last call I talked about. Letters, while nice, just aren't good enough when I know that he can call me.

I suppose I'm just a friend and so not important on the level of ex-wife with kids or girlfriend. Still.

Kelly told me that she was very happy about this relationship development. I must admit, I'm thoroughly confused. I'm not judging either for making the decision, in fact Monty reported during one of our phone calls that Kelly had mentioned possibly moving out there for the duration so she could visit. I also must admit that thought crossed my mind briefly as well. In any event, they decided to be a couple. Good for them, but I don't get it. I am further confused because it wasn't until a week or so before he went away that he even talked about Kelly to me. It's very odd, considering the things we always talked about. But, if it's a comfort for him, then more power to her.

A few little things have happened recently that made me wish I could call him. Nothing major, but little things that I would have talked to him about if circumstances were different. Maybe that's part of what makes no calls for me so frustrating. Well, he can only make maybe 20 calls a month, really. If he has 12 people (or more) to call, I'd imagine that the important people get more calls. And it's well that they should. His kids certainly need to talk to him more than I do.

The group of us is getting together on Sunday at his in-laws. We'll have potluck food and a Christmas tree to decorate. I was sorry I couldn't go to the last gathering, so I'm happy to be able to join them this time.

Kelly and I talked about getting together sometimes to help each other through. The thing that surprises me is that she always says "call me." Why do people always leave the planning of things to others? If she really wanted to get together, why doesn't she call me? (Yes, I can call too, that's not the point.) Well, when things slow down in my day-to-day, I will. I know she has a much more erratic work schedule than me (and I don't think she drives), so getting together may not be an easy thing to do. I'll try.

I wonder when my day to get a call is. If I knew, I could be ready and not worry about making other plans when he may call. That would help. If I only get one call a month, I would sure hate to miss it.