Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I'm moving. I'm buying a house. I move my things in this weekend, but I can't start living there until we close, which is June.

Monty was the only friend who was available to help me move two years ago. I have other dear friends helping me this time around, but I can't stop thinking about last time. That was before his trouble started, or rather, before I knew of it. I know he would be here for me again if it were possible.

His birthday is coming up too. His first birthday spent in that place.

Some times, I miss him more than others. This time is one of those. It hit me suddenly. It makes things very very hard to deal with. I can't help but think how things might be different if he were still here.

I haven't heard from him since I told him I was moving, but I'm sure he's waiting to write until I get to my new place. I'm not surprised, of course, but it makes his absence that much harder to bear. Life changes are times when we need our friends. I have others and they're wonderful people who I love dearly. But I miss Monty too.

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  1. It's funny how people move in and out of our lives. Good luck with the move.