Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable about things. My recent conversations with Monty have been about everyday things. He still hasn't elaborated on his court appearance last week. He did say he hasn't been in therapy for a few weeks because of other things he had to do in preparation for last Monday. He said it was odd going back, it took almost the entire time to just tell the doctor what had been happening.

He told me of another old friend of his whom I also know. Monty's favorite way of describing him is "when you look at him, you think 'my god, Hobbits are real.'" It's a true statement!

I learned that Hobbit has also been immensely supportive of Monty and his situation. I can't even say how relieved I was to learn that. I always liked Hobbit, even though we had very few chances to interact. I always thought he was a fun, intelligent guy. The first time we met, he ran out of the house as soon as we pulled up, put a plastic crown of laurels on my head, gave me a scepter, and bowed. Apparently, Monty had so many good things to say about me to his friends that Hobbit was expecting to meet a goddess. I'm sure Monty's stories were quite exaggerated.

I was pleased to know that Hobbit is there for his friend. Pleased because I like Hobbit and don't want a reason for disliking his choices, and because I feel some of the burden is lifted from me. I know I'm one of the few people that Monty can turn to right now, but it's somehow comforting to me to know at least one of those other people. And, to know that it was someone who has known Monty for a long time, longer than I have. That is amazingly nice to know.

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