Monday, January 18, 2010

Had to Be Done

If you follow my main blog or craft blog, you would have read about my cat's sudden illness and trip to the emergency hospital. It would have really helped to be able to talk to Monty on the phone but, having had no calls since November, I have to accept that he can't waste his minutes on me. So, I canceled my phone account this evening. I have a need for that tiny bit of money I'll get back from it.

I'm not bitter about it. I understand that he has children and they need to hear his voice. And he needs to hear theirs. That's important. It so happens that I need the money to pay the vet bills, so it works out. Disappointing as it may be.

We've been writing to each other, though. I really look forward to his letters, and I like when he tells me how happy he is to get mine.

I did have grandiose dreams about actually visiting some day. It won't be any time soon.

I have also been writing to someone who he met on the trip out to Texas. This poor chap doesn't get any mail. It made me sad. I offered to write him before Monty even had a chance to ask if I would. I think support is important, even if I don't know this person's crime. Regardless, one day he will be back in society. Those of us on the outside can help determine the state of prisoners when that day comes. Maybe one stranger showing compassion is all this fellow needs to really heal. Maybe I have to believe I'm doing good somewhere. Who knows?

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